Who Benefits From
Permanent Makeup

Many people, female and male, can benefit from the effects of permanent makeup.  Below is just a sample of who permanent makeup benefits.

  • People with poor eyesight or mobility.
  • People with allergies to traditional cosmetics or have sensitive skin.
  • People who seek correction of asymmetrical facial features.
  • Any person who wants to save time in the application of conventional cosmetics.
  • People who suffer from lost of hair from alopecia, chemotherapy, accidents, burns or cosmetic surgery.

Client Results

Permanent Cosmetics is highly regulated in New Jersey.  It cannot be done out of someone’s home or in a beauty parlor unless prior approval is obtained.  Our salon is constantly inspected to make sure we are conforming to all rules and regulations and our Inspection Report is posted where it can be seen by my clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Permanent Makeup?

Permanent makeup is pigment applied to eyebrows, eyeliner, or lips. Yes, it is a tattoo, but the pigment is gently applied just under the top layer of skin using state of the art equipment designed only for the face.

Is the procedure safe?

All procedures are performed using strict sanitation guidelines in accordance with OSHA. Sterile disposable needles are used with each procedure. A health history is taken to make sure the client is a good candidate for permanent cosmetics.

What about pain?

Most people say the procedure feels like “plucking” or “tickling”. To minimize this sensation, topical cream anesthetics are applied throughout the procedure.

How long does it take?

Generally, 1-2 hours, but this also includes numbing time & brow shaping. A touch-up may be necessary in 4-6 weeks, for example, to make the brows thicker or darker. Lips may involve extra touch-ups to enhance the color.

When can I go back to work?

The procedure involves minimal swelling and most people can go back to work in the next day or so. However, people should avoid having the procedure done just before a wedding or other important social event.

Is permanent cosmetics for me?

Permanent cosmetics is for anyone with an active lifestyle, unsteady hands, makeup allergies, visual impairment, contact lenses, hay fever, watery eyes, and a desire to always look your best! Custom color blending for each client is used for a natural look.


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