Rosemary Miller ~ Swedesboro, NJ



  • Eyebrows
    Our brow procedures offer a completely natural look. A perfectly shaped eyebrow can take years off your face.  This can be done if you have sparse eyebrows or no brows at all.


  • Eyeliner
    Pigment is placed in lash line for as subtle or as dark as you want. This is a soft, natural enhancement to frame your eyes.


  • Lipliner
    This is the perfect way to correct an uneven lip line or create a new lip line.



  • Full Lip
    This procedure is an ideal way to create the look of fuller lips with the color you want. No need to retouch your lipstick after a meal! Lip gloss or lipstick can still be applied as you wish.



  • Scar Camouflage
    This can restore areas of skin that have lost their natural color.









Permanent Makeup Frequently Asked Questions

What is Permanent Makeup?

Permanent makeup is pigment applied to eyebrows, eyeliner, or lips. Yes, it is a tattoo,

but the pigment is gently applied just under the top layer of skin using state of the art equipment designed only for the face.


Is the Procedure Safe?

All procedures are performed using strict sanitation guidelines in accordance with OSHA. Sterile disposable needles are used with each procedure. A health history is taken to

make sure the client is a good candidate for permanent cosmetics.


What about Pain?

Most people say the procedure feels like "plucking" or "tickling". To minimize this sensation, topical cream anesthetics are applied throughout the procedure.


How Long does it Take?

Generally, 1-2 hours, but this also includes numbing time & brow shaping. A touch-up

may be necessary in 4-6 weeks, for example, to make the brows thicker or darker. Lips may involve extra touch-ups to enhance the color.


When can I go back to Work?

The procedure involves minimal swelling and most people can go back to work in the next day or so. However, people should avoid having the procedure done just before a wedding or other important social event.


Is Permanent Cosmetics for Me?

Permanent cosmetics is for anyone with an active lifestyle, unsteady hands, makeup allergies, visual impairment, contact lenses, hay fever, watery eyes, and a desire to always look your best! Custom color blending for each client is used for a natural look.